Size 1,80 meters x 1,35 meters / 5,9 ft. x 4,42 ft. Each poncho weighs 500 grs aprox. Poncho patterns and designs can present alterations in time but keep the similar aspect as shown in the photos. We also have small ponchos for children.
Washing instructions: Hand wash with soap and lukewarm water. More colour combinations available. Our ponchos are made with Cashmilon.

How to buy: Select poncho and then click the PayPal button to buy. Shipping price will be informed on PayPal before you purchase.

Price USD 84


     Black and White Poncho 


     Brown and White Poncho 


    Red and Black Poncho 


     Beige and Burgundy Tucumano Poncho 


     Grey and Black Poncho 


    Black, Red and White Poncho


   Burgundy and Black Salteρo Poncho 


    Green and Ochre Poncho 


   Black and Red Poncho


    Black and Ochre Poncho


   White and Black Poncho 


Blue and Ochre Poncho

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