Bombachas de campo

Bombachas de campo

The most comfortable trousers ever made and the ultimate riding ones as proved by many years of use by the gauchos. Recommended for anyone who needs strong cotton trousers/pants for riding or to use at the ranch, farm, estancia or for any outdoor activity.


    Made with 100% cotton with a pre-shrinking process. Made with Indanthren® treatment that gives solidity and firmness to its color. 


    3 line stitches for extra strength on the seams. Sizes 38 to 56


    Colours available: Beige, Green, Black. Sometimes we have White and Blue, email us to check stocks for these two colours.


    Pampero brand. Made in Argentina.


    The bombachas de campo are worn by both men and women but we also offer the women line of bombachas which have a lower waist line and a slightly different cut for a female hip. For these last ones please check stocks with us.


    Washing instructions: Wash with water at max. 40 °C / 104 °F - Don't use chlorine - Iron at max 140 °C / 284 °F - Dry Clean - Machine dry with precaution.


    If for any reason you are not satisfied with the item you purchased a complete refund will be offered upon return of items or you can choose to change the item.


    Your items will be sent through DHL or Correo Argentino - Argentina Post Certified Delivery which uses the track & trace international postal system. The tracking number will be emailed and added to the "Add tracking Info" option offered by PayPal.

    Delivery time to Europe and North America 10 to 15 days approx.